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Boneyard Arts Festival 2018

Hi Everyone - Boneyard is almost upon us once again! I am so excited to be showing at 2 locations this year! Once again I will be partnering with Pekara Bakery and Bistro for a solo show - She Dreams In Color. This exhibit showcases some of my newest work and I will be there on Saturday from 10a-12p if you'd like to swing by and say hi!

Also I am so excited this year that my second location will be at the Lincoln Building studio 518 - at the new Acme Elfworks art space! The show is called: Bada-Bing Bada-BLOOM! and is a group showcasing everything floral. Artwork by my good friends Cindy Sampson and Melissa Mitchell will be available as well as mine, and some actual real flowers will be for sale by Old Town Flowers! I am in love with the space at the Lincoln Building and I'm so excited that I am able to show my work alongside such great artists that work there! Hope to see you at one or both exhibits!


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